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Clifton assists with Alberta heavy module pilot program

Craig Clifton, VP Alberta, is the Alberta Chamber of Resources' Transportation Committee chair. Working with the Construction Owners Association of Alberta and the Consulting Engineering of Alberta, the committee approached Alberta Transportation with a case for transporting heavier, more complete modules on a three-file trailer.

Results from a successful pilot move from Edmotnon to Fort McMurray in March 2016 were presented at COAA's Best Practices Conference in May. By increasing the density of the modules and recuding the total number of required trips, more value was added to the fabrication site. In addition to its potential to yield safety improvements, the initiative could also produce savings of several percentage points in total installed costs.

The committee is currently in discussions with Alberta Transportation to consider an Alberta Heavy Module (AHM) standard to facilitate improvements in safety, efficiency and competitiveness of the module assembly and the industrial projects they are built for.

See a video of the pilot move here

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Posted on 5/13/2016