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Paul van der Raadt Appointed President

After 40 years as President and CEO of Clifton Associates, Wayne Clifton, P.Eng, FEC has announced the appointment of Paul van der Raadt, M.Sc., P.Eng., as President. Wayne Clifton will continue as CEO and Chairman of the board. 

“I have always believed that renewal and succession planning is vital for every company, so it has come time for me to apply that lens to my own company. This has required a great deal of thought and careful planning. This company has my name on the door so I could not turn it over to just anyone. Paul has been with Clifton almost since Day One and has a deep understanding of the fabric and culture of the company. I have every confidence that he will maintain and enhance the standards of quality and ethics on which Clifton has been built,” said Wayne Clifton.

Paul joined Clifton in 1978 as its fourth employee. He is a registered professional engineer who earned a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. He is, however, much more than a highly experienced engineer. Paul has had senior responsibilities on major projects ranging from power generation to highway and bridge construction, and development of northern uranium mines. He played a fundamental role in shaping Clifton and has always been an early adopter of new technologies that kept the company as a leading-edge engineering practice.

Paul has worked from the Regina, Saskatoon, and Calgary offices and knows the fabric of the company well. After a senior leadership interval with another consulting company, Paul returned to Clifton in 2015 as Executive Vice President. As President, he will continue his career focus on leadership, operational management and business development, and business systems. He is intensely client-focused, builds strong relationships and utilizes his interpersonal skills to draw out the best in people.

“This is truly an honour and a privilege to be asked to fulfill this role within Clifton. I have known Wayne for over 40 years and have learned much by having the pleasure to work alongside him and learn from his style of leadership first hand. I look forward to carrying this legacy forward into the next 40,” said Paul.


Posted on 2/2/2018