Tailored Engineering Solutions

Our Mission and Skills

"Tailored Engineering and Environmental Solutions that Embrace Each Client's Values"

Since the launch of the company in 1978, Clifton Associates has focused on providing great value. This requires an understanding of each client’s particular needs, as value means something different to everyone. Recognizing our clients' values means asking them what their priorities are and taking the time to tailor our solutions to suit them. Over the years, we have accommodated many of their goals, from cutting costs, to allowing them to assist with construction.


Health and Safety

Clifton Associates strives to create an incident-free work environment. We stay in continuous compliance with our safety programs and training initiatives, which allows us to maintain accreditation with the Saskatchewan and Alberta Construction Safety Associations.

In support of our safety policy, we ensure that everyone knows they have the right to refuse work when unsafe conditions exist, and we enforce compliance with safety rules, work procedures, policies, and regulations by making them a condition of employment for all employees, contractors, and subcontractors. We hold all parties at a work site responsible for providing personnel with an adequate and appropriate safety program, and in the event of an incident, we require that all injuries and near misses be reported and investigated.

We provide a company safety manual that outlines safety responsibilities for senior management, project managers, and field personnel, and encourage safe work habits by providing new hire safety orientations, job-specific training, safety training for supervisors and management, task and trade-specific training and certifications, specialized safety and related training, and refresher courses and training updates.