Environmental Services

Our Environmental Practice Group is involved in many areas, including planning; baseline studies; environmental impact assessments; environmental audits; site assessments; compliance monitoring and reporting; permitting and licensing; spill control and remediation; tailings and waste management; facility design and construction; decommissioning and reclamation plans; and risk assessment and management.

Our team has the expertise to handle environmental projects through every phase – from the planning and investigation stage through to the decommissioning and reclamation of a property. Our comprehensive knowledge of environmental regulations and permitting processes in Western Canada and our established relationships with regulatory agencies are added advantages that allow us to advance projects smoothly.

Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental site assessments help to determine whether land has existing or potential environmental contamination, which is important to know before purchasing land or developing on a property. Our environmental team has the expertise to perform Phase I, II, and III site assessments. We have conducted environmental site assessments for First Nations communities, financial institutions, real estate companies, industries, law firms, public institutions, and government agencies.

Remediation of Contaminated Sites

When land has been used for commercial development, it sometimes contains hazardous waste or other contaminants; this land is often referred to as a brownfield site. Our environmental engineers have a wealth of experience investigating and decommissioning brownfield sites, investigating hazardous waste sites, and providing alternate remedial and control measures for soil and groundwater contamination from the fuel specimen of contaminants encountered in the brownfield sites.

Remediation Strategies

Our engineers and scientists can provide remedial system design and construction. We find the right solution for the environment using predictive contaminant transport modeling, which demonstrates how contaminants will travel. Solutions sometimes consist of bioremediation, which enhances the growth of existing microbes or introduces specialized microbes to the site; or phytoremediation, which utilizes plants that can contain, degrade, or eliminate contaminants in the environment.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Our environmental experts hold advanced degrees in environmental sciences and specialize in environmental assessment. We have assisted many of our clients with the federal and provincial environmental assessment approval processes. Through our active participation in this area, we are able to maintain an understanding of the evolving environmental acts, regulations, and policies that apply to projects at several levels of government.